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Cultural Heritage Project

 Cultural Heritage in a European Context is a project created by four secondary schools from Hungary, Finland, Iceland and Spain: Andrássy György Catholic Business Academy, Länsirannikon Koulutus OY, Fjölbrautaskóli Suðurnesja and Instituto De Educacion Secundaria Gabriel Miró. We would like to offer pupils the opportunity to work together in international teams on cultural topics, honing their foreign language and IT skills as well as their communicative and interpersonal competences. Among the objectives of the project, the most important ones are: ·         raising the number of pupils participating in international cooperation, ·         teaching and learning about culture in informal and non-formal ways, ·         making pupils better understand the importance of cultural heritage, ·         strengthening their attitudes towards European citizenship, ·         improving their English language skills, ·         developing creative thinking and promoting the use of IT tools in educa
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